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Come take a look at our exciting locations and rich flavors 


WE are an indie game dev studio, with strong love for coffee, exploring the unknown and creating inventive experiences.

We are working on a couple of games, and offering a wide variety of digital and interactive content creation services.

Let us transport you to places

beyond imagination.



(our games)

New playful game worlds!

Select a destination to see what fun activities it has to offer

Asymmetric multiplayer chills,

procedurally generated mansions and a spooky

tale of hauntings.

An introspective 3D platformer with 90s style which will make you go back and forth between reality and imagination.

A simplified Real Time Strategy game to share with a friend in splitscreen mode, about pirate kids trying to rebuild a ship.

Local Weather and other updates

custom made excursions, 

tailored for every need



"Hey, i wanna do this. Can you help?"

You have landed at the SURFACE. What NOW?

Talk to us, what are you interested in? We can probably help, especially if there is in one of these areas:







STATIC & 3D/360


WE launched successful expeditions

No Casualties! ...At least not yet.

here are some of the activities we planned before:

La Quinta pared

Video 360 3D basado en la obra del mismo nombre. Creado para UN3, quien fue encargado de buscar talentos por el ministerio de educación.

Vuel Villa


para redes

El cuarto de Arlés

Imagen de marca para redes de influencer

Cortos animados

Forms VR: First Stage

Were those the spaceship crew? 
i think they ate something
weird on that goo planet

About us

We founded this ensemble that launched from Argentina (earth) on late 2018, after getting Antimatter
Kid on the first spot on a national several month
long contest, from hundreds of teams, being that only one of many awards to come.

Maxi (left) is a screenwriter with a masters in transmedia and Kevin (right) is a game designer and
programmer with a bit of jack of all trades
syndrome. Together, they lead a small team of multi talented crew members, with the objective of bringing to life creative and touching games and experiences.


Contact our mothership!

(contact and networks)

Ask away